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Are you looking for a new job? Then Ace Appointments can help you

Ace Appointments may contact you because we have found your CV or profile and think you may be qualified for a particular job.

You may contact the recruitment agency yourself. You can apply for a particular job or submit an open application. The recruitment agency can look to see if you qualify for any upcoming positions.

Recruitment agencies provide the following benefits for applicants:

  • Ace Appointments services are free of charge for candidates; we are working on request and are paid by our clients. Therefore, there are no costs for you as a candidate. You are getting help for free!
  • Ace Appointments have an excellent knowledge of the labour market. We know which sectors and companies are forming exciting opportunities for people with your knowledge and expertise, and which expectations are realistic.
  • We have a large network which has been built over 40 years of business. Therefore we can often quickly get you in contact with interesting clients and projects.
  • We have access to jobs that you as a job seeker often cannot see (yet). Through many years of partnership with clients, we are often the first to hear about skills and expertise that are needed.
  • Depending on the type of recruitment, recruitment agencies are following up your application. You will receive feedback and/or will be assisted from interview to salary negotiation. Depending on the type of recruitment you will enjoy the security of a permanent contract and the variety of different projects.

Looking for a Permanent job?

The UK employment market is ripe with job prospects for talented individuals. Trying to find them in a cluttered market full of varied organisations can prove challenging. Many businesses are in competition to attract and seek candidates with your skills and expertise – but how do you find these opportunities and unlock those opportunities?

That’s where Ace Appointments can provide guidance and allow you to access your perfect job.

We work as a team to ensure that consultants share knowledge, expertise and vacancies enabling each person who puts their career in our hands are given an equal chance.

Available for Temporary work?

Temporary work is a great way to gain valuable experience across a broad range industry and organisations which can potentially open up opportunities to gain a permanent job. It is also useful to gain insight into various job roles and industry sectors and is particularly useful if you are undecided on your career choice.

It can be extremely useful if you are looking to return to work or considering a career change. It is a useful way to develop new skills and a good opportunity to access jobs that perhaps you hadn’t considered before.

If you have commitments that would restrict you working in a permanent job, temping allows you the flexibility to work as and when you chose.

Why register?

  • It’s simple: many of the newest jobs are snapped up by our registered candidates before they get to our jobs board.
  • Once registered, you too will have VIP access and first refusal on the newest temporary and permanent roles Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.
  • We treat our candidates as we treat all our clients: with an honest and reliable service.
  • With us, you are not just another number or name on the database; you are an individual, backed by a dedicated team who are genuinely committed to your individual needs and career.

Candidate Toolkit

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